Mercedes Viano Chauffeur Limousine Minivan

Why Choose The Mercedes Viano Chauffeur Limousine Minivan

Mercedes Viano Chauffeur Limousine Minivan is an outstanding multi purpose vehicle and is  highly desired for City Tours, Corporate Roadshows, Weddings, and transportation  of large families and small groups of clients travelling together.  Be assured Chauffeur Services always has a  Mercedes Viano Minivan / Minibus available for chauffeur hire in its city limousine fleets.

Since it was first launched into our chauffeur fleet, clients have asked us to send them a Mercedes Viano more than any other vehicle. It is more spacious than any other chauffeur driven motor vehicle in it’s class and can take up to seven passengers at a time with as many as 11 suitcases. Corporate roadshows are ideal for the Mercedes Viano limousine  minivan as it can double as a mobile office so you can conference with colleagues or just get on with paperwork whilst on the move.

Most Mercedes Viano minivans have extra features such as centre table, twin sunroofs plus a panoramic roof along with independent and rear air conditioning. The Mercedes Viano is ideal for Airport Transfers with lots of luggage, Corporate Roadshows and City Tours  and Film Crews and  especially families who are travelling with more thane one child with them.

The Mercedes Viano Minivan is stylish, dependable, luxurious and spacious but has integrity and discretion written all over it. This vehicle crosses all classes and budgets a truly awesome minivan.