How to Book A Dubai Chauffeur Service

How to Book a Dubai Chauffeur Service

There are many variables to take into consideration when you are looking to book a Dubai chauffeur service.

Choosing the right limousine chauffeur service for your purpose often depends on:

  1. The type of occasion – Business travel / Wedding / Airport Transfer /Private Hire / City Tour
  2. The number of people travelling
  3. The number of hours you require the limousine car or minivan for and how far you’re travelling

Most Dubai chauffeur limousine companies will need to know if you’re hiring the limousines for a wedding, music concert, graduation prom night, birthday party or maybe an anniversary dinner at a restaurant. The reason for this is that Dubai chauffeur limousine services often have specialized packages for certain types of events with many of the extra’s you wish to have provided already taken account of so they can deliver the best possible experience.

The more details you can provide of your reason for hiring a chauffeur limousine in Dubai the better the value and service you’ll receive.

With the increase in the numbers of people traveling together the VIP minivan has become a Dubai chauffeur service favourite with business people and celebrities due to its seating capacity and luggage space

  1. Consider what type of Dubai Chauffeur Limousine Service you require.

Typically Dubai chauffeur limousine companies charge accordingly based on the type of event.

Events are typically as follows:

  1. Dubai Airport Transfers to and from DBX and Abu Dhabi
  2. Dubai Wedding Car Hire
  3. Dubai City Tours
  4. Dubai Concert / Sporting Event Transfers
  5. A to B Transfers in Dubai
  6. Dubai Corporate or Business Roadshows
  7. Dubai Conference Transfers
  8. Dubai Cruise Port Transfers

Most Chauffeur services have special fixed airport transfer rates and special A to B rates for popular destinations. Many chauffeur limousine services in Dubai have minimum hourly hire rates on Friday nights so be careful you do not pay for hours you don’t really need.  does not employ a minimum hourly weekend hire rate on its services.

  1. Write down a detailed itinerary of what service you really need.

Many services offered by Dubai chauffeur limousine companies are charged by the hourly rate, so it is important you decide how many hours you will actually need.

If you over run your limousine service by as little as 15 minutes you may be charged an extra full hour !!

Ask your Dubai chauffeur service providers when do their extra hourly charges start and what is their extra hour price as sometimes the more hours you use the limousine car for the cheaper the extra hour rate should be.

  1. Determine exactly how many people will be travelling in your limousine.

The number of passengers travelling is very significant as it determines what type of Dubai chauffeur limousine is most suitable for your service

You need to make sure that you hire a chauffeur limousine vehicle that’s large enough to cater to all of your passengers so they can travel relaxed and in complete comfort.

  1. 4. Decide on the type or model of Dubai limousine you require.

Here are some of the types of Dubai Chauffeur limousine vehicles available:

    1. Economy Class mainly Lexus ES350
    2. Business Sedan mainly Mercedes Benz E Class or Audi A6
    3. Executive Sedan mainly Mercedes S Class or Audi A8 or BMW 740iL
    4. Mercedes Benz Viano 6 & 7 Seated LWB Minivan
    5. Mercedes Benz Vito 8 seated Minivan
    6. Rolls Royce Phantom / Ghost
    7. Chevrolet Suburban SUV
    8. Mercedes Sprinter Minivan 19
    9. American Stretch Limousines
    10. Executive 55-60 passenger coach


  1. Focus on what level Dubai chauffeur service you are getting for your money

The best Dubai chauffeur service at the best price but be careful not all chauffeur limousine services are equal. Your service price should not be the only primary factor in your search.

Much like renting a hotel room, different prices for the same service often mean different service levels. It good to have a budget determined ahead of time, but also know what type of experience you require and get your chauffeur hire company to state these requirements on your booking confirmation.

Examples to clarify could be, Will my chauffeur be suited? How old is my limousine car, are there refreshments included in the car, is the vehicle air conditioned? etc

  1. Get the right Dubai chauffeur service vehicle fit for your purpose

Ensure the limousine car, minivan, SUV, or coach you’re getting has the space, features and look for your night out or event.

Try to book a vehicle that is profiled for at least one to two more people than are travelling in your party.

Some companies provide music (radio or satellite radio), so ask in advance or be prepared to take your iPod or a mix CD with enough music to last the whole ride. Also ask about features like the seating arrangement and luggage capacity for large group vehicles. Not sure which is the best ride for you? Check out our Dubai fleet limousines at Dubai Chauffeur Services.

  1. Make sure your Dubai chauffeur service driver is legal and registered

The most important thing to consider when booking a Dubai chauffeur service is safety for yourself and your party. Legitimate Dubai limousine companies have to be registered with Dubai’s RTA and have clearance for their vehicles to travel outside the city limits into Sharjah for example.

This registration is checked annually to make sure the Dubai chauffeur service have the proper levels of insurance and their limousine vehicles are properly road taxed and licensed.

Never book a limousine with a company that can’t promptly show you their licensing and insurance credentials – don’t take chances.

  1. Plan your desired service in full and give the Dubai Chauffeur service you itinerary

Think about all the details you would like to get from your Dubai chauffeur service. Do you need ice or drinks in the car? Do you have a preferred route for your ride? What stops would you like to make? Providing these details to your chosen Dubai limousine service provider will help them meet your demands needs more easily and for the right price.

  1. Get your full chauffeur driven quotation price in writing or email

Always make sure when you are checking chauffeur services that you are looking at prices that are exactly like-for-like services.

Each Dubai limousine Service will generally have their own unique pricing policies.

Most companies offer their services priced by the hour but they also offer fixed rates for airport transfers or sometimes all-inclusive packages.

Pay attention to “add ons” like extra mileage, parking fees or waiting time not included in the fixed price.

It is customary in many countries to tip drivers 18-20% of the chauffeur driven but this custom is not expected or asked for in Dubai. Should you wish to tip or give your chauffeur a gratuity for a job well done then it is purely voluntary.

Be sure you get the full price up front when weighing your options and also check their terms and conditions which should come with your quotation or may be found on their website.

  1. Dubai Chauffeur Service Packages.

A chauffeur package is often the best choice for special occasions like weddings, concerts, prom, sporting events or other types of chauffeur hire with a predictable start and end time. Dubai chauffeur hire packages will generally provide a set number of hours in a vehicle that fits your party size and event profile for a fixed, all-inclusive price.

Some companies offer packages for every type of service and you can find substantial savings when price compared against a normal hourly rate price

  1.   Reserve your Dubai chauffeur service early – especially for big events

Start searching for price quotations well before you need your chauffeur limousine service.

For a Dubai wedding limousine car service many people book 12-18 months in advance. Other events, like prom nights, are best to booked a few months in advance. In general, it is best to start looking 3-4 weeks before you need your transportation.

After you’ve selected a reputable Dubai Chauffeur service provider like Dubai Chauffeur Services, get a booking confirmation remittance of them in writing or via email.

For special occasions, it’s generally a good idea to contact your chauffeur service provider a week before the event, just to ensure everything is still ok and confirmed.

  1. Call some Dubai Chauffeur companies and listen to how each company deals with your phone call.

On the day of your service it is important that your chauffeur or limousine company is responsive to your requests.

Call each name on the list and request a price quotation from each. Be sure to ask for hire rates including gratuity, cancellation fees, how much for an extra hour and their PCO license number.

  1. Decide which company you feel will be on time, have the best vehicle and chauffeur, and has the best price.

For most people, price is not as important as service, so don’t automatically choose the lowest rate, you might end up with a 1980’s limousine and a driver in jeans and a T-shirt.

  1. Book your limousine service with the Dubai Chauffeur Service that best suits you and you are most confident with.

When booking make sure to get a copy of the contract and reservation, confirmation and reservation number, as well as their cancellation policy in writing or email. Make sure to confirm the total final price that will be charged to your credit card as some Dubai companies charge between 3% and 5% to process your card payment, why not ask if you can perform a bank transfer for payment this should not be a problem to a legitimate chauffeur service provider.

  1.   Call 2 days before your event and request your assigned chauffeur driver’s mobile phone number.

Be sure to verify that everything you have requested is in order and correct and that there is a driver scheduled to be assigned. Most companies like Dubai Chauffeur Limousine Service email and SMS text their drivers contact details to their clients as standard.

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